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[Music playing] Anu Prestonia: Hi my name is Anu Prestonia. I am the owner of Khamit Kinks Salon here in Brooklyn, New York. You can reach us at or you can go on to our blog site that to find out tips about how to take care of natural hair. This style is very ancient, but the way we do is of course is modern. In ancient times, and I am not sure what they used, they may have use something like honey or bees wax. Today we use manufactured product like gel, setting gel. So, his hair is already been grown and now he is under the dryer to get the new growth to dry and the formation. And, you see we have a clip down. So, that when it is done, it is all nice and neat. This is another locked technique. Well, actually her hair was already groomed and then it was braided after it was groomed and she set under the dryer until it was dry, so now her hair will be crimped. Lady: I am from West Africa, Senegal. Interviewer: Senegal, West Africa? Lady: Yeah. Interviewer: Are you doing hair style over there at Senegal. Lady: Ah, yeah. I was doing hair style over there. Interviewer: (inaudible). Lady: Yap. Anu Prestonia: She is also from Senegal, West Africa. And, what she is doing now is grooming lots that have already formed. Then have been twisted in that same formation. But now, we do not have to use the comb anymore, because the hair is already locked so, we are just twisting the new growth. Again, training the new growth to be in the same cylindrical formation, the good thing without extensions today is that you have a variety of options in terms of textures. You can get straight textures, wavy textures, curly textures and kinky textures and everything in between. How would you term, which texture you want, depends on the style that you most likely used to get. So, if you want a style, which is very flamboyant, that stands up, that has body then you get more a kinky texture. If you want something that blows in the wind and you get a straighten texture. If you visit our website, we have an array of information on about how to maintain your extensions. One of the best tips that we offer, that we can offer you is that every six weeks, you should come then and have your hair on redone so that you do not cause stress on the hairline that will pull your hair out. So, if you doe your hairline, done less every six weeks you can maintain a healthy hairline with any of your styles. Interviewer: [inaudible] Anu Prestonia: Our website is In terms of prices that really depends on what your budget is. We have styles that are start as low as $70.00 that style that go up to $600.00 and more. Typically, this styles that cost more take longer to do and last longer. The styles that a little less expensive do not take this long and do not last this long. For instances you wanted to get a Cherokee braid style that style ranges around $125.00. It takes about three hours and it last about three or four weeks. Where is the extension to a twist, for example one of our most popular twists styles is called the baby curl. That style typically cost around $325.00. It takes about six to eight hours and last three months. So, you have to really determine what you budget is, what your life style is, in terms of maintenance to determine, which style was best for you and which style is best for your budget.

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