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Hi everyone. And today, I’m going to be doing a video tutorial on Aubrey O’Day’s Hairstyle. And it’s basically a French Plait of course the fringe and then curl all over. Okay, so let’s start. Okay, to do the French Plait and I'm not an expert of this. It’s kind of vaguely but once you get a hand of it, it is actually quite easy. So, you start by grabbing small section of the plait so like that. And then just how you do a normal plait. So, put into the three sections and then start your plait. And then once you get to this part, just get a bit there, grab an extra piece from behind and put it over. And then you join the end and put that over and then the same again if you want. So, you’re all done, it’s amazing, actually the back and the front piece, just like that. And then that piece goes over. Do it more too much if you get a few bunch of this. You can seal them out afterwards. So it basically looks like that. And then get your hair grip. And just grip it in place, like a bit of a bump, just so I pull it out. Okay. And now, we’re going to curl the hair. You want to start of by using a heat protector and this one is just a little time in anyone from—in my opinion is one of the best heat protectors. And I actually use the one that you out in. I normally use the one that you put in while your hair is damp, just before you dry it because I dry my hair once everyday. Just to keep from getting too damage from all the heat that I used, we actually do the ends as well. Just brush that too. Okay. So, you want to section your hair so if you just grab a lot of your top layer of your hair, flip it around and then secure with some clips. And it should be left with a small section like this. So, my hair is quite naughty. I have those, hair spray in it and I’m just going to brush up. Okay. First is this, you’re going to get your curls, right to the end. It doesn’t matter if you fall it off because you can just redo that and then go right up. Keep going for about 20 seconds depending on how hot they get and how quickly your hair curls. And I’m using quite thick sections so it took a little bit longer. Okay. I’m just going to do this. Okay. Now, grab a little bit of hair. Now, I’m going to brush this section now before you actually curl it. It just helped gives it a smooth curl. Okay so once you did that, you just spray your hair with a hair spray. And let me use a royal on that—and shine hair spray. This is really good because it’s really flexible. Okay, so grabbing a section of hair like this in which it’s going to tease it. This time I’m going to get a hair spray, spray to this and then back in. Okay and I’m using a straightener, just cut the hair out like that just so you can have those curls around. And then do this with my sections at front. And no we have it over your days French Plait, loose curl hairstyle. I hope you enjoyed my video and keep watching and please subscribe, bye.

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