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Hi everyone. And today, I’m going to show you how to achieve a ponytail using your clipper hair extensions. Okay, let’s start. So, when you get your hair extensions, you just want to get this whole once basically, just this whole once. And once it has the two clips on them and then maybe the smallest size one they have three clips as well. And then you want to basically got them in the middle of your hair to show you exactly how that’s done. A lot of people think that you can’t actually use hair extensions with your hair up. Well, you can. It’s quite easy. You’re just going to make sure that no clip is showing once it’s all done. I guess it’s a lot of by sectioning your hair. You basically got just about half like that and then you want to clip that away. Then I grab your first extension and clip it in. Make sure they’re right in the middle of your hair. And then on top of that one, you want to clip in the middle one. Let’s go there right on top of it. And now, let’s move ahead on. And then just go above the section that you have done. And put some more hair over it and then cut the rest all the way. And then you clip some more. Okay. And now, get your into that one clip hair extensions, you should have four of this if you’ve got them from—and then you just put them anywhere in the middle. Just get them right in the middle of your hair. Okay. Once you’ve done that, we’re going to put it on your hair. Now, as you put it on your hair, just make sure you can’t feel the clips sticking out. I was going pretty through a messy top. And there we go, that’s how you achieve a ponytail using your hair extensions. I’ll shade the box and you could see that through my picture. And it’s quite messy because I like my hair with a messy ponytail. I don’t like it really neat but you could do this neat. It doesn’t have to be messy ponytail. But yeah, there you go. That’s how you do it and I hope it helps. So, thanks for watching. Bye.

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