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How to Use Leftover Maraschino Cherry Juice bettyskitchen Hi here’s the Betty’s Quick Tip. Sometimes I have a recipe that requires a can or a jar of maraschino cherries drained so I use the cherries and I’m left with all of this liquid, cherry juice. Or it’s not actually cherry juice it’s a liquid that the cherries are preserved in. I don’t throw it away and I suggest that you maybe can find some things to do with cherry juice. You can always make cherry Coke. I use this in Diet Coke and to that Diet Coke I just put this in a measuring cup so I can work more easily just to your taste just pour some cherry juice in. You see if the color changes immediately. I don’t know if that’s picking up but it tastes really good and that cherry change the flavor of it. Also if you have whip topping and you would like to make it a little fancy then with your cherry juice just add a little bit on your whip topping, stir that around and you’ll get this nice neat look that you can use for topping a cake or ice cream or banana split in fact you an pour the cherry juice itself over a banana split. You can pour it over an angel fruit cake and it will kind of seep in and make the color really pretty lots of things that you can do with cherry juice.

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