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Amy E.: We are here, in San Jose at Scandalous Salon, it's all decorated for Halloween, we are going to go in and we are going to do a long hair layered cut and we are going to learn, some blow drying techniques from Franc, follow me --. They are very into Halloween, here. So let's go see what it's all about. So, do you like your haircut? He had the worst haircut, he has ever had in his whole life and he is not happy in fact, he is angry. I know. Bring me my crown. Well, it was nice meeting you. Oh! There is Franc let's go visit him. Okay, so you are combing her through and what you are doing? Franc: Basically, I am just detailing her hair. What I want to do is I want to just clean it, take clean sections and just start with my sectioning, pass the ears here, the hair likes to flow forward. So would normally tend to part their, so I work on my back section first and then, I am going to over direct and bringing everything back towards me. So let me use -- let me go ahead and cut -- sort of cut in here, I am going to take about 2 to 3 inches of Irene's hair. Amy E.: So did you cut straight across and now you are -- Franc: What I did is I just -- I cut straight across, but as I get down to the top layers I like to do a lot of point cutting, it's creating texture on the end. So it just actually eliminates some of the weight. So I am pretty much done with the back and I am going to go over to the sides here. What I am doing here, is just kind of once again just establishing my length and just kind of point around the whole entire, the head and just taking it up to where, I want to be then, I am going to start my layering. Okay so what I have done is I have already pretty much cut to a link that I want to be, I am going to start creating my layers and I am going to start with my back section here and then, work my way around the head. I normally tend to work from left to right, that's just my technique, it gives me little more balance and then towards the middle or even the end of this cut, I loose myself and I get into this crazy texturizing mode, I start taking weight and just, you start seeing where the heaviness is at the hair and where it's not flowing correctly, that comes towards the end when I dry the hair. Amy E.: So you built a foundation, by going left to right in a very structured manner. Franc: Yes. Amy.E.:And then in the end you are going to get to be able to be more creative and free style with your scissors. Franc: Correct it's basically up to you, in training and seeing the weight and really taking it to the next level, which we are going to do, once we get the foundation of a simple long layered cut. So when I point cut, I point cut into the hair and I am creating different lengths, as you can see as well, as some texture. So I am just going to start using my section that I just cut, as my guide and I am going to move around my head. So I am just taking small sections, using my previous guide and I am just following it through and continuously point cutting. Amy E.: So when you are done with all of this, what's the next step? Franc: What I am going to do, is I am going to over direct the hair and I am going to do this horse shoe shape parting, and I am going to over direct the hair forward. And it kind of cross check my layers and start taking a little bit more weight off, the front and then, I am going to bring everything from the back to the front, so we kind of over direct the hair, take more weight off, in the crown to get more height. But what I am going to do right now, is I am going to work on the fringe, I am going to take -- establish my length there as well, and use that as a guide. Amy E.: How do you know where to start the fringe? Franc: Well, I am just going to take it where the round of our head is so that's going to establish more or less -- there like I said in hair styling there is no rule, there's no rules at all. You can be so avantgarde, you could be very disconnected, you can do whatever. Amy E.: Experiment. Franc: Totally, but this is just -- it's your basic layer, put just a tab in one texture. You know, I am just taking off a little more weight. But an old stylist long who taught me.

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